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Places To Visit Near Corbett national Park

Jim Corbett was a famous environmentalist, hunter as well as a front runner in the tiger conservation. On his name, Jim Corbett National Park, located in Uttarakhand within the proximity of Himalayas is one of the richest flora and fauna reserves in the world. Jim Corbett National Park is probably known for exclusive sights of endangered tigers which roam around the park as well as nearby areas. The majority of visitors to this park come here to witness these tigers and undoubtedly the scene and moment when you watch them from your naked eyes is truly special and worth capturing. But, as far as the beauty and amazing sights of Jim Corbett are concerned, there are much more than just to sight tigers. Exclusive landscape, fascinating flora and fauna, unique environment and extraordinary safaris are other factors that add fun to the tour to Jim Corbett.

There are many places to visit near Jim Corbett National Park where you would like to go. If you are planning for Jim Corbett then go to the place near Jim Corbett and enjoy those places with your family and friends. We will tell you the names of some special places where people like to roam more and more.

garjia devi temple

Garjiya Devi Temple: At a distance of 15.4 km from Jim Corbett National Park and 6 km from Nadiya Parao Resort, Garjiya Devi Temple or Girija Devi Temple is a famous temple located in Garjiya village on the outskirts of the Corbett National Park in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. If you want to experience something different that connects you to the beliefs of the locals of that area, then you must pay a visit to Garjiya Devi temple. It is a temple of Lord Shiva and you will see a Shivalinga in the Garjiya Devi temple. The location is the biggest surprise for the visitors that make it an incredible ancient temple in that location. It is said that this temple is located in this jungle for years and as of now, it is under the archaeological department of the country. Now, this department looks after this temple and renovation work is on to give an advanced structure to this place.

corbett waterfall

Corbett Falls - Waterfalls near Corbett: Corbett Falls is a scenic waterfall located at 28.1 km from Jim Corbett national park and 34 km from Nadiya Parao Resort. Corbett Water Falls is a picnic spot for tourist and surrounded by dense teak wood forest which extends its natural beauty. The best Part is Corbett Falls flow down from a height of 20 meters, with gurgling sound complemented by the chirps of birds. The cool clear water flowing from a height is attractiveness worth admiring. It is very much close to the popular falls in Mussoorie, but Corbett falls is not polluted by travelers and locals as it evaluates Kempty falls. Corbett falls in an area that is a great place for camping, picnicking or relaxing. Forest authorities have provided basic facilities for the guests. This is also a good place to visit, and regular transport services are available here so that nature-lovers can enjoy beauty with convenience. Feel the tranquility extend all around and treat your eyes to the greenery extend all around while the birds are chirping in the background.

sunrise point

Sunrise Point: Sunrise Point is the highest point of elevation in Jim Corbett National Park. It is surrounding area at Bhuwankhal Village (Kath ki Nao) and located at 23.2 km from Corbett National Park and 9km from Nadiya Parao Resort. From this point, the tourists can catch a glimpse of the two rivers – Kosi and Ramganga blending in together. You would also get a feel of British architecture through a famous an oldest bungalow built by British.

corbett museum

Corbett Museum: Corbett Museum is located at Kaladhungi town and 30.4 km from Jim Corbett national park and 36 km from Nadiya Parao Resort. This Museum has many tiger statues; along with other things showcased there. These Statues in original skins are of the tigers that were killed by Jim Corbett years ago. At the museum, tourists can view memorabilia related to Jim Corbett. Collections of the museum include valued personal belongings, letters written by him as well as his friends and well-wishers, antiques and rare photographs.

sitabani forest reserve

Sitabani forest reserve: Sitabani forest reserve is a famous zone for bird watching located at 25.2 km from Jim Corbett and 31.8 km from Nadiya Parao Resort. This is the only forest in Corbett where tourists can walk inside. It is known for a temple and river and at the site, tourists can also take rest at the river bank and see the reptiles. Sitabani forest association with the Hindu epic Ramayana. There is an oldest Valmiki temple situated in Sitabani forest reserve. It is believed that in the ancient Valmiki temple located within the forest, According to legend, she got absorbed in the land at this place. A fair is organized here every year on the holy occasion of Ram Navami. The forest is visited by tourists to enjoy elephant safari, for which Sitabani Forest Department issues a permit. When the tourist season is at its peak in Corbett National Park, panthers and other wildlife moves to Sitabani.

kalagarh tiger reserve

Kalagarh Tiger Reserve: Kalagarh Tiger Reserve situated along with Lansdowne Forest Division of Uttarakhand 23 km from Jim Corbett national park and 54 km from Nadiya Parao Resort. It is the northern part of Jim Corbett National Park. Kalagarh Tiger Reserve is a residence for many wildlife species in Shivalik Mountain Range, of Pauri, Garhwal. As the name confirms, it has a high density of tigers, leopards, and others from the cats’ family. The herd of elephants can be spotted anywhere in the area while on an excursion. Among others are porcupines, yellow-throated martens, and langurs.


Sonanadi range: Sonanadi range is located in Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary which is a part of Corbett National Park. Developed as a natural habitat of wildlife animals and birds, Sonanadi range is blessed with amazing beauty of flora and fauna. Situated in the north of Sonanadi River, this zone is favorite place for Asiatic Elephant along with tiger, cheetal, sambhar, leopard and reptiles. Visitors can enjoy over 550 of birds in their natural habitat.

binsar mahadev mandir

Binsar Mahadev Temple: Binsar Mahadev Temple is a popular Hindu temple. The temple is located at a distance of about 72.9 km from Jim Corbett national park and 20 km from Ranikhet. There is a grand temple of Binsar Mahadev at a height of about five and a half thousand feet on the picturesque banks of the Kunj River. Built at an altitude of 2480 meters above sea level or surface, this temple is surrounded by lush green deodar forests. This temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva was built in the 10th century. Inlaid with statues of Hindu deities in the form of Maheshmardini, Har Gauri and Ganesh, the architecture of this temple is magnificent. Binsar Mahadev Temple is a center of immense reverence for the people of the area. It is considered to be the holy place of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. Naturally, this place is very beautiful. Every year thousands of devotees come to visit the temple. The grand and beautiful temple construction of Binsar Mahadev Temple and the huge Bhandara every year was also successfully organized by Baba Mohanagiri Maharaj.

Uttarakhand is considered as the most sacred and favorable state of various religious places, devotion and pilgrimage. The history of Uttarakhand sings the glorious past of the region. It has a long history of its origins and development, with salient features of great emperors and empires such as the Kushanas, Kudinas, Kanishka, Samudragupta, Katurias, Palas, Chandras and Pavras. Here you will also find many such places, which are also written in the holy Hindu scriptures. For this reason, Uttarakhand is also called a holy land.