Finally, the time has come when we need to beat the summer blues, right? With all the surfing going on in my mind, I could just think of one place. That place being “Jim Corbett”.
Jim Corbett has almost become synonymous with the word ‘wonderland’. You could go out with your family and have an ‘Oh-so-awesome vacation’ instead of savoring a visual treat by looking at the pictures!

Why Jim Corbett?

Established in 1936, it is the most historic National Park in India, accommodating a variety of flora and fauna. It seems like the Wild animals developed a natural camaraderie with the grassland, right from the beginning. Once you cross the threshold, you will find umpteen blink-and-you-miss-it appearances of faunas, sprinting through the woodland. You could taste the thunder by enjoying jungle safari, elephant ride, and river rafting. Corbett waterfall and museum being its prominent sights links to its heritage. Gauging the above facts, it’s one of the unbeatable destinations for you.

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Welcome to the grandeur of Nadiya Parao Resort in Jim Corbett

Nadiya Parao best resort in Jim Corbett is purely a dream resort with Kosi river cascading along the side of it. Well, who would not want to stay at a resort parallel to the awe-inspiring Kosi river? The customer can choose rooms as per their needs from an array of varieties they offer. Each cottage has its guest lounge. With their impeccable service, they take care of their customer’s taste buds. The patrons drool over their heavenly food. After coming back from an adventurous trip, you would want to let your hair down for once! You could enjoy yourself at their bar, gym or swimming pool. To make things groovy, they bestow a bunch of activities over there and what could be more lit than a gala night or a guided nature walk along the riverside?

Guiding your way to your Dream Vacation

Customers can choose from the packages mentioned in the official site of Nadiya Parao. The rates are inclusive of the above-stated activities. Book your rooms online in no time, for it’s no tough nut to crack!
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“Having said that, I hope there is no calling from within to not taste the thunder”!


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