Jim Corbett Park has always been synonymous with the mountains, forests, beautiful scenic locales and of course, exciting wildlife. Getting a chance to visit Jim Corbett will allow you to enjoy all these attractions that the place has to offer. And, accommodation is not an issue. There are many riverside hotels and resorts in Jim Corbett to suit all budgets.

Why visit Jim Corbett National Park?

One of the most beautiful places to visit in India, Jim Corbett is known for its nature reserve. Visitors come here to witness wild animals roaming freely in their natural habitat. The fact that Jim Corbett is a popular destination, there is no dearth of resorts in this destination. Also, you will end up finding the perfect accommodation to suit any budget. Many visitors prefer staying in a riverside resort in Jim Corbett. This way, they are also able to enjoy the nature’s splendor from their resort room.

How to look for accommodation facilities?

Just like any tourist destination, Jim Corbett has 1 to 5-star hotels, but you can also stay in resorts that are closer to nature and offer an informal environment to live in. There are quite some resorts located close to the nature reserve which is perfect for people visiting the reserve for sightseeing purposes. The riverside resort in Jim Corbett also put you close to many of the attractions that the reserve has to offer so that you can make the most of your time.

If budget is a constraint, resorts are the best place to stay. There are many options available that may well be within your range. NadiyaParao is one of them. This resort offers modern and basic albeit comfortable place to stay. In fact, this resort is also known to serve some delicious food that is worth tasting.

Why stay in a resort the best idea?

If hotels in Jim Corbett are not to your taste and you want to rough it out, you can always head to this resort. In fact, this resort will put you close to the national park, which is the major tourist attraction of the place. Here you can enjoy a leisurely holiday indulging in country walks, exploring the woodlands and wildlife.

What facilities available at Riverside Resort in Jim Corbett?

The facilities riverside resort in Jim Corbett has to offer have always been welcoming to visitors, who come for a holiday. However, these are also are ideal for weekend breaks when you want to get away from the chaos of city life. Jim Corbett has beautiful and scenic locales where people can rejuvenate before returning to their regular life.

If you have never thought about exploring the attractions of Jim Corbett, now would be the perfect time to plan your holiday. With an array of attractions and a choicest of resorts the place has, your holiday in this region will be a memorable one. The famous riverside resort in Jim Corbett, NadiyaParao welcomes the guests with open hearts and ensure that their stay with them is full of pleasure and excitement. The guests carry fond memories of their visit to this place.


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